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The Thompson Crossing Metro District Community is dedicated to ensuring the beauty, safety, and stability of the area, promoting neighborliness and pride among the residents, and forming a base for representation in matters affecting the community.

This web site provides services to residents of the Thompson Crossing Metro District Community. You can find out more about these services through the links above. If you need more information or have an issue to bring to our attention, please feel free to Contact Us.

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New Pool Hours Starting Sunday, July 26th

Starting Sunday, we will have a slightly different pool schedule allowing us to stay open a bit later.

6p - 7:30p

The 15 minutes in between will be used for cleaning the bathrooms and wiping down surfaces.


Thompson River Ranch Pool to Open Mon, June 15
The pool will open Mon, Jun 15 at 11:00 am by reservation and with restrictions. Please click on the appropriate links below for more information. Any questions can be sent to thompsonrr2018@gmail.com.

1.2020 New Resident Membership Registration Form – fill out the registration if you have never filled a registration for the pool before. Email to thompsonrr2018@gmail.com

2. TRR User Agreement and Waiver – this waiver must be signed by everyone if you want to use the pool this season. Email to thompsonrr2018@gmail.com

3. COVID-19 Addendum to Waiver of Liability Release Form for Use of Pool Facilities (TRR) - this waiver must be signed by everyone that wants to use the pool this season. Email the completed form to thompsonrr2018@gmail.com

4. TRR Resident Communication -The TRR Resident Communication form is all about the "How To" of coming to the pool and how to use the pool sign up application. You will be able to start signing up for 90-minute time blocks at 8am on Saturday morning. The first 90-minute time block that will be available is Monday morning, June 15th, at 11am. Please be sure to create your account and look around the website before Saturday morning.

Thompson Crossing Metro District Contact Information

District Manager
Jerry Jacobs
(303) 359-9330


Assistant District Manager
Brittany Barnett
(303) 502-7456


Community Manager
Russ Hofer
(970) 663-9687


Spring 2020 Newsletter
  Thompson Crossing Metro District Community Homeowners,
Please CLICK HERE for your Thompson River Ranch Spring 2020 Newsletter with great information for our residents.
Thank you!